Allesley Park Walled Garden

Allesley Park Walled Garden Group was formed in 1997 to re-create a kitchen garden as it might have looked 200 years ago when John Neale, Lord of the Manor and owner of Allesley Hall, started to grow his own vegetables, fruit and flowers.

To date one quarter of the one-and-a-half acre site has been replanted as a model Georgian garden. There are vegetable beds, flower borders, fruiting trees, together with medicinal and culinary herbs.

The partly completed project has been highly successful, but a change in Council policy in 2009 caused the Group to rethink its original plan. The result has been a series of meetings with Council officers to determine a way forward.

While the garden's heritage and organic status will be maintained, it is felt that the true potential of the walled garden site can be reached by incorporating a number of specialist schemes that will complement the existing Georgian plot.

There will be news of further initiatives during the coming year.

The Objects of the Allesley Park Walled Garden Group (as per the Memorandum of Association) are defined to be:

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